Derek Kelly Beef - Steaks
Whether its a BBQ, romantic dinner or a slap up Saturday night meal, we have a steak for it...
Chateaubriand 4 750g£35.00 SOLD OUT
Fillet Steaks4800g£40.00 SOLD OUT
Sirloin Steaks 41.00kg£27.00 VIEW DETAILS
Rump Steaks 41.00kg£25.00 VIEW DETAILS
Rib Eye Steaks41.00kg£35.00 VIEW DETAILS
Flash Fry Steak 2 1.00kg£17.00 VIEW DETAILS
Onglet Steaks41.00kg£16.00 VIEW DETAILS
Feather Steaks4 1.00kg£6.00 VIEW DETAILS
Skirt Steak2500g£7.50 SOLD OUT

From "Manly" T Bones, to tender fillets, not forgetting rumps & sirloins, whatever you want, we have it.