Derek Kelly Beef - Slow Cooking
Whether its a hearty stew or a pot roast, we have the perfect cuts.
Diced Braising Steak3 - 4 per pack1.00kg£13.00 VIEW DETAILS
Diced Braising Steak 3Kg3 - 4 per pack3.00kg£29.00 SOLD OUT
Shin of Beef4 - 5 per pack1.00kg£8.00 VIEW DETAILS
Aitch Bone4 - 51.00kg£12.00 SOLD OUT
Aitch Bone6 - 81.50kg£18.00 SOLD OUT
Aitch Bone8 - 102.00Kg£24.00 SOLD OUT
Blade Bone Steak4 - 5 per pack1.00kg£10.00 VIEW DETAILS
Sliced Braising Steak4 - 5 per pack1.00kg£10.00 SOLD OUT

Fancy a warming stew, why not add some of our diced braising steak to the dish, with its deep rich flavour and tender texture, its the perfect base from which to start.

For a pot roast, start with our brisket, add some chopped vegetables and some stock (or beer!) place in the oven at about 150C for at least two hours..... Delicious