Derek Kelly Beef - Roasting Joints
Whether its a tender piece of Topside, a juicy Sirloin or a magnificent Four Bone Rib, we have it covered. And if you can't see what you want, let us know, our butcher is happy to help.
Four Bone Rib 8 - 104.00kg£108.00 VIEW DETAILS
Two Bone Rib 4 - 52.00kg£54.00 VIEW DETAILS
Sirloin Roast 4 - 51.00kg£37.00 VIEW DETAILS
Sirloin Roast 6 - 81.50kg£55.50 VIEW DETAILS
Sirloin Roast 8 - 102.00kg£74.00 VIEW DETAILS
Sirloin Roast 10 - 122.50kg£92.50 VIEW DETAILS
Topside 4 - 51.00kg£12.00 SOLD OUT
Topside6 - 81.50kg£18.00 SOLD OUT
Topside 8 - 102.00kg£24.00 SOLD OUT
Topside10 - 122.50kg£30.00 SOLD OUT
Brisket 4 - 51.00kg£8.00 VIEW DETAILS
Brisket 1.5kg6 - 71.50Kg£12.00 VIEW DETAILS
Salmon Cut4 - 51.00kg£8.00 SOLD OUT
Salmon Cut6 - 71.50Kg£12.00 SOLD OUT
No matter what roasting joint you're after, we can help. A family meal for 4, how about a small Topside, perfect for everyone and if your lucky there may be enough leftover for sandwiches!   A dinner party for 10, why not try a sirloin joint, always tender. Splashing out for a special occasion, try our Four Bone Rib, the king of roasting joints and bound to impress.